Sandy Fisher memories

Sandy Roshong was hired by Commodore in 1982 in their IC Layout Department.  She eventually married Terry Fisher, also a Commodore employee, and took his last name in marriage.

This post is a simple photo gallery of some of the memories Sandy has shared from her time with Commodore.  I hope you enjoy. Sandy, thank you for sharing these images with us!

Commodore’s IC layout team


From Sandy:

Some of my favorite memories from Commodore are about volleyball. It was the unofficial sport of West Chester C=. We set up a net behind the warehouse and dragged as many sedentary engineers out there as we could for some good ole animal ball. Even George Robbins joined us. We also reserved courts at local schools and community centers as well as wallyball courts for a few years. Of course afterwards there were often beers and shots at a local dive. My favorite one was pretty dingy but it had that shuffleboard table where competition would continue.
Some of the “A” quality volleyball players like Bernadette MacDermott, Gary Lintner, Bill O’Donnell and Terry Fisher represented us at the Corporate Cup at the Church Farm School. We fielded a great team against other companies for several years. Greg Berlin dominated the basketball court. Good times.


A few of the shirts Sandy saved from her Commodore days


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